About AdBlock VPN

AdBlock VPN is an application designed to keep your connection to the internet private. Virtual private networks (VPNs) work by creating an encrypted connection between your computer and the internet so it's harder for anyone to see what you're doing online.

Key Features

Data Encryption

Our VPN creates a secure, private connection between your computer or mobile device and the internet. By establishing an encrypted connection, it's harder for anyone to monitor your online activity, including what websites you're visiting or what information is being passed back and forth. This is especially helpful when you're using public Wi-Fi hotspots or if you're worried about your internet service provider (ISP) monitoring your online activity.

IP Anonymization

AdBlock VPN will mask your IP address each time you connect to the internet. Since your IP address is a form of personally identifiable information, being able to hide it makes it more difficult for many websites to track your online activity.

Please note that our VPN does not prevent other forms of tracking that are widely used by websites and ad tech providers, such as cookies or digital fingerprinting.

Easy Access

AdBlock VPN facilitates open access to the internet. You can select from dozens of VPN servers worldwide to bypass government censorship laws or access your favorite sports, movies, and streaming content, no matter where you are.

Open Source

The AdBlock VPN Windows and Mac applications are built with open source software and are made available under an open source license so that the open source community can take our client, build their own, and help improve it.

General Terms

Use of AdBlock VPN is subject to AdBlock VPN's End User License Agreement and Terms of Use (EULA), AdBlock VPN's General Terms and Conditions and AdBlock VPN's Privacy Policy. Using our VPN allows you to access a variety of content and we take intellectual property rights very seriously. You may not unlawfully reproduce, distribute, or keep on any outside hardware or storage device any copyrighted content that you access or receive while using AdBlock VPN. By using our VPN Product, you confirm that you are over 18 years of age.

Version: September 2021

$3.99 monthly

Try AdBlock VPN:

  • Unlimited data
  • True no-log privacy policy
  • 256 bit AES Encryption
  • Up to 6 connected devices
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