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Protect your privacy and browse the web securely with AdBlock VPN. Hide your online identity and enjoy all of the benefits of safe, simple, affordable VPN service.

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Why AdBlock VPN?

Internet privacy has never been more important. Using AdBlock VPN means your internet connection remains encrypted between our VPN servers and your devices, even when you're connected to public Wi-Fi.

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Anonymous Browsing

We believe that your browsing activity should not be shared with third parties without your consent or understanding. AdBlock VPN helps you keep your online activity private.

Unblocked Content

Need access to a website or content that's blocked by location? With AdBlock VPN you can select a virtual location and access international content from anywhere.

Secure Public Wi-Fi

AdBlock VPN secures the internet connection between your computer or mobile phone and the web, making public Wi-Fi more secure and giving you peace of mind.

Private VPN Service

AdBlock VPN has a strict “no-log” policy and we maintain the highest privacy standards. We don't track your online behavior and we'll never share your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AdBlock VPN work? arrow_forward_ios

A VPN, or virtual private network, allows you to connect to the internet privately. It creates an encrypted connection, often referred to as a ‘tunnel,' between your devices and the VPN servers. All of your internet traffic is routed through that secure tunnel, keeping your data encrypted and your personal information secure.

Does AdBlock VPN track my online activity? arrow_forward_ios

No. We adhere to the highest standards of data privacy. In fact, AdBlock VPN is strictly a "no-log" VPN, which means we never track your online activity and we'll never share your information with third parties.

Does AdBlock VPN block ads? arrow_forward_ios

Not yet. We hope to add this functionality in the near future. For now, we recommend using AdBlock VPN in conjunction with the AdBlock browser extension. (Note that ad blocking via VPN is specifically prohibited on some platforms, such as Android and iOS.)

Is AdBlock VPN free? arrow_forward_ios

No. However, we think it's important that online privacy be affordable to all, and we're proud to offer AdBlock VPN service at the lowest price possible. You can change or cancel your subscription any time by accessing your account or by contacting our support team.

How many devices can I connect to AdBlock VPN? arrow_forward_ios

AdBlock VPN supports up to 6 devices. You can add or remove devices any time by accessing your account.

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Try AdBlock VPN:

  • Unlimited data
  • True no-log privacy policy
  • 256 bit AES Encryption
  • Up to 6 connected devices
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