Privacy Policy

Effective Date: June 22, 2021

When you access the internet you send information between your personal computer and the website you’re visiting. Along the way, that information passes through several third party systems that help power the modern internet. At every step, your information can be tracked by the services involved in transmitting your data between your computer and a website. The information that gets tracked includes the website you’re visiting, where you’re located, your IP address, and more. Your internet service provider (ISP), and others, can use this info to track your online activity.

By encrypting the information that is sent from your computer and operating as a trusted agent working on your behalf, AdBlock VPN makes your internet activity essentially unreadable while it’s being transmitted between your computer and the website you’re visiting. We partner with Avira, a leading developer of security and antivirus services based in Germany, which has some of the strictest data policies in the world.

This policy explains what information AdBlock VPN uses to operate the service, and what we do with any information that’s collected.

Information We Collect

We don’t collect any data about the web pages you visit or the services you use on the internet, and we never will. We do, however, collect some basic data below to help operate AdBlock VPN which we’ve outlined below. We will never sell what little data we do collect to third parties.

Location Information

AdBlock VPN uses your IP address to determine what country you’re in to help operate our VPN effectively. We delete this information every 6 months as outlined in AdBlock’s privacy policy.

Payment Information

The usage of AdBlock VPN requires a monthly or annual subscription. When you purchase a subscription, that purchase is handled by Stripe/PayPal/Paddle, our payment providers. We collect and store information received during the payment process including IP address and some data around which buttons were clicked, to help us operate our payment pages effectively. We do not receive your credit card number, bank account details, or payment account login information. We do keep a record of the transaction that we store during the active lifetime of the subscription and for a period after cancellation.

To learn more about Stripe, PayPal and Paddle’s data collection policies, please consult their respective privacy policies here, here and here when using them.

AdBlock Account Information

This service requires an AdBlock account to operate. When you set up an account, we will ask for your email address, and we will collect your IP address and locale. We will handle this information as outlined in AdBlock’s privacy policy.

Information We Share

We partner with Avira to provide the AdBlock VPN service to you. We have a written agreement in place with Avira to ensure they treat your personal information with the same level of care and data protection that AdBlock has for the last decade. We send your internet traffic to Avira servers via an encrypted connection to servers located all over the world, to allow you to surf anonymously and access your favorite content from anywhere.

Avira does not keep any logs of the data it receives. You can find the relevant Avira privacy policy here.

Questions About Your Data

We are happy to answer any question you have about the data we collect. And we’re happy to remove your email address and name from our systems. Please note that while we can remove your information from our servers, we cannot make changes to data that was provided to a payment processor like Stripe or PayPal.

We will respond to all requests from people who have questions about their data protection rights. To do this, please open a private ticket on our support website.