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Why AdBlock VPN?

Our goal is to provide our users a distraction-free and worry-free internet experience. That's been our focus for the last decade: blocking ads, pop-ups, and more for our 65 million users. But now we're ready to tackle the “worry-free” side of the equation.

Unfortunately, there are things to be worried about. As we increasingly spend our lives online, it's important to think about what data we make available as we browse, and which entities are able to access it. Whether it's technology that advertisers use to follow you from website to website, or data collection practices by your local ISP, many companies use your personal data to sell things they'd like you to buy. These practices are so widespread that the vast majority of Americans now believe their online activity is being tracked.

In other parts of the world, government surveillance is commonplace and people can't access the internet without worrying about what their government will do with their web browsing history. On our own, we can't ensure that everyone is able to navigate the internet without worrying about their online privacy. Nor can we provide one solution that can solve all of your privacy concerns.

The good news: we can help make it easier for you to surf the web without worrying as much about your online privacy. And that's why we created the AdBlock VPN.

What is a VPN?

When you access the internet you send information between your computer and the computers being used to run whatever website you visit. That information—what websites you're trying to visit, where you're located, and more—can be intercepted by your internet service provider (ISP) to build a profile of your online activity. VPNs can also make it harder for third party service providers to know your location or IP address information. As a result, VPNs can make it harder (not impossible) for anyone to monitor your online activity. The result is an additional layer of security and anonymity as you surf the web.

Simple But Powerful

VPNs can be a powerful privacy tool. But they don't magically protect your privacy in all scenarios, and they don't need to be complicated.

Our VPN is designed to be easy to use and understand. We'll make it clear when it's on, and we'll help educate you on how to get the most out of this powerful tool. By creating software that's easy to use, and educating our users on when to use it, we hope to empower users and help them reestablish a sense of trust when they're navigating the web.

Many VPNs may have advanced, exotic-sounding features like double-VPNs, split-tunnelling, or support for P2P networks. These are powerful features built primarily for power users, but they can be confusing and aren't ideal for 99% of users. While we may incorporate more advanced features in the future, our focus will always be to make it easy for you to protect your privacy without having to worry much about how and when to use the VPN.

Protecting Your Privacy

We believe that the websites you visit, the purchases you make online, or the videos you watch should not be shared with third parties without your consent or understanding. Most AdBlock users understand that advertising powers many of their favorite websites, but that doesn't give advertisers the right to follow you around the web tracking your online activity.

By securing the internet connection between your computer or mobile phone and the web, our VPN makes it difficult for third parties, like your ISP, to see what you're doing online. This capability is especially useful when you're on an untrusted Wi-Fi network in places like airports, internet cafes, or any public Wi-Fi access point.

A Fair Price

We believe VPNs play a vital role in helping you maintain privacy online, which is why we'll always make our service available at an affordable price: $monthlyPrice$ per month or $yearlyPrice$ a year.

The typical VPN service from popular providers like NordVPN or ExpressVPN costs around $12 monthly. These providers, and many others, will advertise low prices, but they force you to pay for years worth of VPN access you may never use in order to get the lowest rate. We'd love for you to use our VPN for years to come, but we don't believe you should pay hundreds of dollars just to save a few bucks. That's why we're offering our VPN service for $monthlyPrice$ monthly or $yearlyPrice$ for a year. And we believe that “worry-free” should extend to your purchase as well. If you're unhappy for any reason we'll give you a refund within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked.

Open Source

At AdBlock, we believe making our services truly worry-free means making them available for the community of developers to use and improve. That's why the source code for our Windows and Mac clients is available for anyone to use.

Over time we intend to release more of the software that powers our services available for any developer to use. Our hope is that by making it easier for developers to create high-quality VPNs that we'll increase the likelihood that more people will have access to high-quality, reliable tools to protect their online privacy.

And by making our source code available for all, we also make it easier for security and privacy researchers to review our software, identify any bugs, or highlight any issues we may have missed. We believe this transparency benefits everyone.

$3.99 monthly

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